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At ITQUERY we are specializes in custom software, database solutions, custom solutions, custom applications, and custom programming services (just to name a few). Our custom software products are available in a variety of programming languages including: C#, C++, Visual Basic .NET (VB .NET), PHP, ASP and ASP .NET. Our talented programmers can develop custom software that utilizes MS SQL, Oracle, My SQL, and Microsoft Access Databases.

Custom Software Development: We provide custom application development to fulfill our client's requirement in development centre in India. We will help you to remain in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology-based business solutions. Be it custom application development, or Application Migration/ Application Porting, For this, we use appropriate software development platforms, software application development tools as well as employ latest project management techniques and software engineering practices to provide the client with Custom Application Development. ITQUERY also allows customers to contract resources for projects that don't require full time support. ITQUERY environment is structured to allow our experts to work on multiple client engagements during a given time period. This unique solution allows clients to leverage the knowledge of an entire staff while only being billed for productive hours.

We have top class software application development professionals like project managers, software engineers and programmers, testers, designers and technical writers with exclusive skill sets for this. Besides this qualification of our developer allows us to start using any other development platforms very quickly.

Technologies that we use

.Net Development MAPI, TAPI, SAPI
Win32 API (incl. shell API, intercrosses comm.) TCP/IP, Sockets
MSMQ Embedded SQL
C# .NET .Net Remoting
ASP .NET Development ASP Development
PHP Web Development XML Web Services
Hosting & Mail Solutions
E-Mail Solution
Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam solution
NT Shared Web Hosting
Linux Shared Web Hosting
Linux Dedicated  Web Hosting
NT Dedicated  Web Hosting
Domain Registration
Domain Pointing
Domain Parking


Looking for Low Cost Web and Software Designing and Development Offshore ?

We are providing very low cost web and desktop solution to our clients. Our package starts from as low as US$ 100 only. Small e-commerce websites with shopping cart, content management system and commerce customization can start as low as $600.  for more information please send us the your requirement

Hire a team by paying monthly:
If you need web or desktop application solutions on regular basis then you can hire a team of 4 web designers and web developers and get your projects outsourced through us by paying monthly. A team of one web designer (proficient in Flash and Photoshop), two web developers proficient in PHP and ASP ASP .NET, C#.NET, XML Web Services and one entry level web designer will cost approximately US$ 2500 per month. Or you can hire a proficient  developer  C#, VB, VB .NET, ASP .NET, Dot net, ASP/PHP  on a monthly basis.   for more information please send us the your requirement

Communication, simplicity, feedback, and courage consistently followed in all the phases of the FP programming methodology enable timely delivery to the client while maintaining high quality standards. With regular client feedback it becomes easier to thoroughly understand and address the changing client requirements confidently.

Support Service for remote servers:
We also provide Support service for remote server administration with our fully trained and qualified staff.
You can subscribe for support services and pay them with the monthly billing cycle.